Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: cakes, shopping, n awesomeness!

Another year has come to a close, so I thought remembering the best moments of this year would be a good way to bid adieu to it!
Let’s start with the cold month of JANUARY which is the month of Janus, roman god of doorways; very apt for the month which is a door to a new year! Since I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree, my January has been plagued by examinations for the past two years. so, January 2010 began on a bit boring note. It was basically the month of my affair with my 1000-something page books! By the way, I forgot to tell you my resolution for 2010; it was to study by gaining knowledge and not just mug everything up…sigh..another broken promise!
and yeah, my first short story got published as the best entry in science reporter magazine!!!!!!!!!
                        22339_241328739758_744209758_3014510_2519055_n moving on to the next month~ FEBRUARY! basically my favourite month because of these reasons:
1. this is my birth month.
2. the spring is about to arrive!
3. the month of love as we celebrate valentine’s day!
4. there is lot of junk food to gorge on courtesy my parent’s anniversary, my birthday, my friends’ lot’s of parties!
Well, February is always a month I really look forward to. It usually begins with anticipation of getting a brilliant gift for my birthday. This year was a bit different! i did not ask for any birthday gift from mom and dad(i thought i might give their bills a stop especially after they got a really good phone on my birthday in 2009). But celebrations were as good as any year; celebrated with college friends and family. And Tanvi’s birthday was equally good. But valentine’s day was a a total bummer. Well, they celebrate the day with real fervour in my college but the day turned out to be a Sunday and I had to miss the celebrations! :P
             19022010331                         27022010520 

March~ the month which made me realize that I had been sleeping the entire year and there was a lot to be done for the upcoming examinations! The only good thing worth remembering was the farewell party for our seniors!
05032010552   Just-work-till-midnight-you-need-to-relax-too
April and May~ majority of these two months were clouded by imsomnia, anxiety, tension etc. for everyone. Ahem ahem, excluding me! when everyone was memorizing heaps of notes, I was not ready to compromise on my beauty sleep!
After the exams fever ended, I wasted my entire may on couch with a bag of potato chips and piles of dvds!
JUNE~ another “on the couch”  month! The end of the month saw me leaving my beloved couch and facebook behind to have fun with my school friends on vagesha’s birthday! Apart from that the entire month was quite uneventful!
DSC00223    DSC00254
JULY~ the 3rd year of college started on 21st July instead of the usual date: 16th July. Since it was the final year i was really geared up to give my best and be regular in all the subjects. That enthusiasm lasted only for a week ;) and I ditched seriousness again with the upcoming birthday of my dear friend Kusum!
DSC01032     DSC00988
AUGUST, SEPTEMBER~ welcomed our juniors, worked hard for the national symposium that our department held! and yeah ‘BLOOD’y practicals( blood was the word of the month, with all our practicals requiring it!).
DSC01227  26082010572  
OCTOBER~ was simply awesome! spent the first week on holiday in Dalhousie with my family and bought a new laptop on 10.10.10!!! the month went brimming with usual fun in the college :)
DSC01505   111120101022
NOVEMBER~ this one got “the brilliant month” award! Shopping was in the air ;) as my cousin brother was getting married! The wedding was the most remembered affair of the month. After that i had to get out of the LA-LA-LAND and return back to the usual hustle-bustle of college. the presentation which got me a full score ended the month on a good note!
DSC02321    DSC02266
DECEMBER~ better transformed to best! Got into the party mood again with monika’s birthday and then celebrated the merriest christmas ever!
DSC02500            162650_10150110398605638_666130637_8069536_1865162_n
I am really glad that the end of the year was much better than it’s beginning. So, thanks to all the people who made it fun!
so, Bye2010Layouts
A happy 2011 to all of you!  =D take care!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The last days
the days of reckless fun
Faces will change
Bringing in a different sun
Leave behind everything
It's time to meet the mayhem

The warm home is lost
But I'm still holding on
Words become meaningless
But I'm still holding on
Love will always be alive
that's why I'm holding on

What we've lost
has all turned to dust
The laughter's gone
It's the light we hunt
Fragrance-less flowers
The wars we deserve

Peace is caged
But I'm still holding on
Humanity is going to pieces
but I'm still holding on
Love will always be alive
that's why I'm holding on

If we all harbour hope
and wait for sunshine
Love will always be alive
because we'll all be holding on

Note: Wrote this poem in Mrs. Prasad's class today while she was dictating notes (wasn't in the mood to study). I started with a totally different theme. I wanted to write something about our college days coming to an end but the theme diverged and the end result was very different from what I initially had in my mind. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


An adjective we all want to be associated with. Everyone wants to do better, climb the success ladder. I have been thinking a lot lately. The question is always the same. How to get everything I want?

So, I made a list. Organization does not come genetically to me. I have learned these skills over a huge span of time. But I should say my mother would be proud. ;)
The list looks something like this.
I would like to:
1.look like Angelina Jolie(guess, i was asking too much) Hillary Duff(that sounds manageable!)
2.own a mansion worth millions of dollars(would have to marry a dumb millionaire).
3.write a book and get it published(if anybody is interested in reading what I write, I promise to give you a room in my million dollar mansion).
4.marry Tom Cruise( I suppose he would divorce Katie Holmes in a few years and join the league of dumb millionaires).
5.make it to the top 100 influential people list on the TIME magazine(would have to borrow some money from dear Tom and bribe the CEO of the TIME magazine). my 3rd year exams(this one is tough! only possible if the topper of our class breaks his arms). a Lamborghini Reventon <3(sighhhh...).

Well, that's a good list. Lot of work is to be done and one day, yes, one day I will have all these things. Oh my god... I just remembered. I forgot the most important thing. The list is totally incomplete without it. be happy.
We all forget this point, don't we? The other desires are so big that they hide the most important need of our lives. Happiness. In the end, it is that happiness which remains unconsidered; which ultimately punches a hole in your accomplished status! 
So, just take a leaf out of my book or rather blog :) and start moving desire to be happy to the number one spot.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make a move!

Ever felt that you are stuck? Do you get a feeling that all that you’ve been doing so far has turned out to be waste? Perhaps, it’s time to change the perspective.

Imagine this. You are driving on a highway, passing various landmarks thinking you’d visit them some day. Suddenly you hear an orchestra of cars, buses and trucks trying to honk their way out of the traffic jam. You are just a few hundred metres from joining the league of people who have been unfortunate no to put their cars in reverse at the right time. Well, it’s your turn to decide. Will you move ahead and add to the symphony of honking people or will you turn around and try another road?


Sometimes, you make wrong choices, take the wrong road. At some point on that way, you slam the brake and say, “Oh no! I think the other path would have been better for me.” When this realization dawns upon you, you ask yourself- “Is it too late?”. Some would say that we have come so far away that backing out and starting from scratch wouldn’t be easy. But mate, i think somebody should have told you, that life was never meant to be easy, the moment you made your parents cry with joy by letting them feel the wonders this life could give anyone!

So, if you ever feel that you made a mistake by choosing something that isn’t your cup of tea, just make a move, turn around and drive towards your real destination. I know what you will say now. What if you don’t recognize that destination! Well…people think that the moment they see a person, they’ll know that he or she is the right one or if they read about some interesting profession they’ll know that they want to take it up. It is never that way. These things take time.

A valuable piece of information- just follow the rainbow of happiness and  you’ll find the place where your dreams lie!

Till then….keep driving around. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes you have to walk so far to reach the finish line. Those who have a companion are the luckiest. Those who don't, hold on to some memories they made with their loved ones. But some complain that they have never been blessed with such love. They say that they are alone.

          Luckily, I have some really awesome memories and great friends who add so many vibrant episodes to my life. Despite these blessings, one tends to get entangled in webs of insecurities. You see no light and question your trust upon others. Mind says that you have to walk alone on this path but your heart wishes it had someone to walk along with. But it's okay. There are times in life when you must learn to trust yourself. Hold the torch in your hand and find the way. The only things that accompany you on that journey are your heart and mind. They are separate yet synchronized. You hear their wisdom. But you are unable to comprehend which one is superior. It takes time but you must learn how you can hear them together as one. The day their voices become one will be the one granting you eternal happiness. I'm on the road to make them one and then a day will come when I'll say- I MADE IT! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The disadvantages of being an avid dreamer

Ummm...What I am going to throw before you is a disease inflicting dice...I don't know whether this disease is contagious or not... So, I would like to give you a suggestion! Read at your own risk...
       Have you ever got up in the morning and felt like you have left a part of you behind...behind in the other world...the world you visit every night...the world that neglects reality! I am brushed with this feeling every morning. As soon as I open my eyes...a disorientation follows. Like I'm stuck between two worlds!
      While the warmth of the sun's rays plays hide and seek in my room, I try to re-establish the severed connection with the conscious world. Galloping on the borders of the consciousness are the various dreams that took shelter in my mind. Then, the wall between the two worlds breaks and they reach across, showing me vivid images of the plots hatched. Often, they are not pleasant.
        Sometimes, I feels as if someone has hurled a brick at my face. A voice inside my head says,"Please get down now. The roller coaster ride ends here!" And believe me, it's not at all pleasant when you are run over by recollection of the dream you saw last night. If the signal is clear, I'm able to see each and every minute detail. If not, then I'm only able to catch few scenes. This disease of watching inexplicable and horrendous dreams is swelling up inside my mind. Very unpleasant. The after-effects include fear, confusion, worry and recollection of every horrible thing you ever saw.
         Now, that you have read this, I'm not sure how you will fare tonight. I have no idea if the demon of dreams will hunt you down or not. Stay safe.

P.S. Don't mind but I take my dreams too seriously!
P.P.S. For all those who get scared easily- don't take it to the heart people ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay....I wholeheartedly accept that I am the laziest person on this earth. After a short tennis match with my conscience, I managed to type in the blog site address. And as I'm punching the letters on the keyboard, the whirlpool of words threatens to drown me in the ocean of stories that have taken refuge in the most stubborn corner of my mind. Maybe, I should have uncorked the stories sooner.
         But, no harm done. At least not till today. Things have changed. I'm a certified nocturnal now. I don't really feel bad about being one. Because night is somehow a better haven. You are aloof. The mind can touch the potentials of untowed emotions. Sometimes, night turns it's back on me.
    Since the past few weeks, I've been reading a lot. Vampires, Werewolves, Detectives, Victorian England, you name it! And, I had one more reason to stay awake. The FIFA world cup! Life is interesting after midnight. On one side is the welcomed noise from the real world of football and the imagined world of characters from my favourite books. On the other side is the silence that arches back like a feline and then jumps on you, like the night sky smothering you!
    There was a time when I wasn't afraid of the dark night. I don't know why the calm whispers of trees and the snores of sleeping birds have started to bother me so much now. I can't bear the stillness that night brings. A fear grips me. And even though I try not to, I vividly remember the faces of those ugly ghosts and psychics, who starred in various horror flicks! From there it gets funny. My inner voice laughs at me for being ridiculous. But i shoo it away with an excuse of just being human. Then, somehow, twisting and fluttering in my bed, I manage to drift away. Away from those mangled faces. Away from my fears.
          Light takes over and sets fire to those bothering thoughts. It does not end there. I wake up with diffused memories of various dreams manufactured by my subconscious mind. After a few moments, they hit me like a tsunami, magnified! I laugh at some. Laugh at the idiocy of my subconscious mind.
       There end the adventures of night. I'll miss them when the holidays end and adventures of the day will overpower my body. And I'll drift away even before the clock strikes 12!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Call of the heart...

Hear the voice of the wind...
Walk with the sun above you...
Bring in the songs of the rainbows...
The colours sparkling new...

Lead me, my heart...
I wish to follow you...
It's a vague start...
I'll do what I should do...
I'll  follow you...

This life is a magical bliss...
You might say it's too good to be true...
I've made it this way...
with love and I'm grateful...

Lead me my heart...
I wish to follow you...
Though dreams are far...
I'll make it through...
I'll follow you...

I'll never stop and quit...
even if there's a long queue...
Sieze the dreams and fly...
in the skies so blue...

Lead me, my heart...
I am following you...
I'm playing my part...
to get life's perfect view...
I'll follow you...
I'll follow you...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's Talk About LIFE!!!

            It's quite interesting how the unpredictable life keeps us going! Each day brings new ventures and promises of untouched surprises which mock the stagnant aspect of life.
         For many of us, life is beautifully complicated. It can be compared to being on a trampoline, jumping up and down. Being in the air is analogous to going through an enriching phase of life. But when gravity pulls you down, life becomes a tragedy! However, rest assured as you are bound to bounce back.

        There are some people who know how to bend the laws and go down in the history because they see life in a different dimension. There is a reason they are famous, the only reason that draws the line between us and them. So, the question that comes up is how to narrow down that gap? The answer is really easy but we tend to overlook it. About 95% of our species ignore the obvious even when it is staring them in their face.
       The answer is belief. Majority of the dreams remain submerged in the marshes of fears and then, one day, they move to the bottom. Unable to breathe, they die! All you need to do is give your dreams the life sustaining BELIEF..... Just sit down for a while and think.

          "Someday I'll fly...
            Someday I'll soar...
            Someday I'll be so damn much more...
            Cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for..."
                 - taken from the song "bigger than my body" by John Mayer

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Waking up at 6.30 in the morning is a really forbidden job for a lazy 19 year old like me. And it can get a bit cranky if you are taking driving lessons just half an hour later.
           So, fascinatingly I managed to open my eyes at the break of the dawn and reset my alarm for ensuring another 15 minutes of sleep, which was hindered by the wake up call of a normal life's affairs. Dragging myself across my bedroom with glances at my siblings nestled in the embracing bed sheet, I, somehow managed to reach the bathroom. Then began the captivating ride.
           When you get into a car, a sense of euphoria whirls around you. A sense of attaining the seat of power in a one man show. And then its showtime. Maneuvering my way on the potholed roads of my metropolitan city, I realize how hard it can be not to hit someone and simultaneously keep your heartbeat in check! But all the cons seem meek when you consider the greener side of the grass. A car is not just a system of mechanical mumbo-jumbo held together by screws and bolts. It is much more than that. You would realize it's significance if you had to travel on feet in the blistering Delhi heat. Nothing can beat the air conditioned heaven especially when it's a big monster with every one drooling over it.
         But, it's just the beginning and I am only allowed to tame the dog, not the bull. Never mind, things will get better. Contrary to the belief of my very good friend, Souvik Sensharma, a car is comparable to the goddess Venus. In his words, a car is a just a "four-wheeled thing". I contradict. Have you noticed the change in the air when a  supreme beast of the road speeds past you? It's not just a "four-wheeled thing". It's much more. But some people would never understand.
        From the cute looking and comfortable Volkswagen Beetle to the luxurious Maybach, each car spellbounds in a peculiar way. That's why I become starstruck or rather carstruck whenever I see a good ride! And now it's time to get out of the car-land as my mom needs me, apparently for some house chore. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


8 stagnant months...and my pen did not yield a single thing!!! Well u can count out the various examination papers I've written...since they are a waste of imagination...I feel frustated...Yes..that's the word...frustated. It doesn't feel right...because all this while when i was busy trying to figure out a way of reviving my broken armour...the dreams were rotting!!
Those fluttery little dreams...they bleed much time has been wasted. Why is it so difficult to break the monotony of a simple life?...what does it take to make your dreams immortal? I guess I have the answers now...I have to stitch it all up!...Save my aspirations before they flow away with the waters of myself...
It is time..time to collect the strewn belongings...and start again...I'm on the path..the right path...with a constant showery cloud above my head...It is time to break open the cocoon...