Sunday, February 19, 2012

The curse of ambiguity

A fountain of unexpressed love
Bathing the melancholy heart
The leaves fall off the trees
Taking down the desires to ground
A walk in the beautiful meadow
The escapes to the neverland

If night doesn’t bring the stars
Will the wait be worth anything?
Or perhaps the morning sun
is a better chariot to saneness
The right to forget is weakly denied
like memories written in sand

The seagulls call to the forlorn lover
bringing the word of the distanced
Pity is not what they deserve
but chances to be brought together
Engraved in mind are those words
whispered while holding hands

The tale not always ends happily ever after
Undesirable questions creep into life
A part of you is always left behind
Pondering upon the other road
And the roar in the back of your mind
Was your love so scant?