Friday, September 4, 2009


damn!!!! i see them around all d tym...honestly i shudn't b so worried coz dis is sumthing all normal people feel...they are like these tiny nano-sized monsters buzzing near my ear!...itz just so if u r standing or rather floating in the vacuum surrounded by questions...jeez!!!...there are so many things i want to do...but mayn i need d push...hello...somebody out u hear perhaps u r deaf!!! or maybe too friends say itz just d hormonal surge...but just look at d intensity..urghhhhh...

wish i cud mutate into a bird n fly away from dese freaks hu surround me...i noe dis sounds so cryptic but don't noe how to put it in different words!!! anyway...just wanted to noe if dey sell a miracle drug to put everything ryt??? or if d brainies have managed to create a potion called "happily and normally ever after"...need it badly!!!

p.s. don't ever expect anything from anybody...u can die due to d aftereffects!!!
p.p.s. all u hypocrites will surely go to hell *swears*