Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: cakes, shopping, n awesomeness!

Another year has come to a close, so I thought remembering the best moments of this year would be a good way to bid adieu to it!
Let’s start with the cold month of JANUARY which is the month of Janus, roman god of doorways; very apt for the month which is a door to a new year! Since I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree, my January has been plagued by examinations for the past two years. so, January 2010 began on a bit boring note. It was basically the month of my affair with my 1000-something page books! By the way, I forgot to tell you my resolution for 2010; it was to study by gaining knowledge and not just mug everything up…sigh..another broken promise!
and yeah, my first short story got published as the best entry in science reporter magazine!!!!!!!!!
                        22339_241328739758_744209758_3014510_2519055_n moving on to the next month~ FEBRUARY! basically my favourite month because of these reasons:
1. this is my birth month.
2. the spring is about to arrive!
3. the month of love as we celebrate valentine’s day!
4. there is lot of junk food to gorge on courtesy my parent’s anniversary, my birthday, my friends’ lot’s of parties!
Well, February is always a month I really look forward to. It usually begins with anticipation of getting a brilliant gift for my birthday. This year was a bit different! i did not ask for any birthday gift from mom and dad(i thought i might give their bills a stop especially after they got a really good phone on my birthday in 2009). But celebrations were as good as any year; celebrated with college friends and family. And Tanvi’s birthday was equally good. But valentine’s day was a a total bummer. Well, they celebrate the day with real fervour in my college but the day turned out to be a Sunday and I had to miss the celebrations! :P
             19022010331                         27022010520 

March~ the month which made me realize that I had been sleeping the entire year and there was a lot to be done for the upcoming examinations! The only good thing worth remembering was the farewell party for our seniors!
05032010552   Just-work-till-midnight-you-need-to-relax-too
April and May~ majority of these two months were clouded by imsomnia, anxiety, tension etc. for everyone. Ahem ahem, excluding me! when everyone was memorizing heaps of notes, I was not ready to compromise on my beauty sleep!
After the exams fever ended, I wasted my entire may on couch with a bag of potato chips and piles of dvds!
JUNE~ another “on the couch”  month! The end of the month saw me leaving my beloved couch and facebook behind to have fun with my school friends on vagesha’s birthday! Apart from that the entire month was quite uneventful!
DSC00223    DSC00254
JULY~ the 3rd year of college started on 21st July instead of the usual date: 16th July. Since it was the final year i was really geared up to give my best and be regular in all the subjects. That enthusiasm lasted only for a week ;) and I ditched seriousness again with the upcoming birthday of my dear friend Kusum!
DSC01032     DSC00988
AUGUST, SEPTEMBER~ welcomed our juniors, worked hard for the national symposium that our department held! and yeah ‘BLOOD’y practicals( blood was the word of the month, with all our practicals requiring it!).
DSC01227  26082010572  
OCTOBER~ was simply awesome! spent the first week on holiday in Dalhousie with my family and bought a new laptop on 10.10.10!!! the month went brimming with usual fun in the college :)
DSC01505   111120101022
NOVEMBER~ this one got “the brilliant month” award! Shopping was in the air ;) as my cousin brother was getting married! The wedding was the most remembered affair of the month. After that i had to get out of the LA-LA-LAND and return back to the usual hustle-bustle of college. the presentation which got me a full score ended the month on a good note!
DSC02321    DSC02266
DECEMBER~ better transformed to best! Got into the party mood again with monika’s birthday and then celebrated the merriest christmas ever!
DSC02500            162650_10150110398605638_666130637_8069536_1865162_n
I am really glad that the end of the year was much better than it’s beginning. So, thanks to all the people who made it fun!
so, Bye2010Layouts
A happy 2011 to all of you!  =D take care!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The last days
the days of reckless fun
Faces will change
Bringing in a different sun
Leave behind everything
It's time to meet the mayhem

The warm home is lost
But I'm still holding on
Words become meaningless
But I'm still holding on
Love will always be alive
that's why I'm holding on

What we've lost
has all turned to dust
The laughter's gone
It's the light we hunt
Fragrance-less flowers
The wars we deserve

Peace is caged
But I'm still holding on
Humanity is going to pieces
but I'm still holding on
Love will always be alive
that's why I'm holding on

If we all harbour hope
and wait for sunshine
Love will always be alive
because we'll all be holding on

Note: Wrote this poem in Mrs. Prasad's class today while she was dictating notes (wasn't in the mood to study). I started with a totally different theme. I wanted to write something about our college days coming to an end but the theme diverged and the end result was very different from what I initially had in my mind. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


An adjective we all want to be associated with. Everyone wants to do better, climb the success ladder. I have been thinking a lot lately. The question is always the same. How to get everything I want?

So, I made a list. Organization does not come genetically to me. I have learned these skills over a huge span of time. But I should say my mother would be proud. ;)
The list looks something like this.
I would like to:
1.look like Angelina Jolie(guess, i was asking too much) Hillary Duff(that sounds manageable!)
2.own a mansion worth millions of dollars(would have to marry a dumb millionaire).
3.write a book and get it published(if anybody is interested in reading what I write, I promise to give you a room in my million dollar mansion).
4.marry Tom Cruise( I suppose he would divorce Katie Holmes in a few years and join the league of dumb millionaires).
5.make it to the top 100 influential people list on the TIME magazine(would have to borrow some money from dear Tom and bribe the CEO of the TIME magazine). my 3rd year exams(this one is tough! only possible if the topper of our class breaks his arms). a Lamborghini Reventon <3(sighhhh...).

Well, that's a good list. Lot of work is to be done and one day, yes, one day I will have all these things. Oh my god... I just remembered. I forgot the most important thing. The list is totally incomplete without it. be happy.
We all forget this point, don't we? The other desires are so big that they hide the most important need of our lives. Happiness. In the end, it is that happiness which remains unconsidered; which ultimately punches a hole in your accomplished status! 
So, just take a leaf out of my book or rather blog :) and start moving desire to be happy to the number one spot.