Sunday, December 5, 2010


An adjective we all want to be associated with. Everyone wants to do better, climb the success ladder. I have been thinking a lot lately. The question is always the same. How to get everything I want?

So, I made a list. Organization does not come genetically to me. I have learned these skills over a huge span of time. But I should say my mother would be proud. ;)
The list looks something like this.
I would like to:
1.look like Angelina Jolie(guess, i was asking too much) Hillary Duff(that sounds manageable!)
2.own a mansion worth millions of dollars(would have to marry a dumb millionaire).
3.write a book and get it published(if anybody is interested in reading what I write, I promise to give you a room in my million dollar mansion).
4.marry Tom Cruise( I suppose he would divorce Katie Holmes in a few years and join the league of dumb millionaires).
5.make it to the top 100 influential people list on the TIME magazine(would have to borrow some money from dear Tom and bribe the CEO of the TIME magazine). my 3rd year exams(this one is tough! only possible if the topper of our class breaks his arms). a Lamborghini Reventon <3(sighhhh...).

Well, that's a good list. Lot of work is to be done and one day, yes, one day I will have all these things. Oh my god... I just remembered. I forgot the most important thing. The list is totally incomplete without it. be happy.
We all forget this point, don't we? The other desires are so big that they hide the most important need of our lives. Happiness. In the end, it is that happiness which remains unconsidered; which ultimately punches a hole in your accomplished status! 
So, just take a leaf out of my book or rather blog :) and start moving desire to be happy to the number one spot.


Bhavi said...

and to be've to accept the WORLD as it is ......:)


well...acceptance surely helps but sometimes u need to revolt against things that aren't your way!