Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make a move!

Ever felt that you are stuck? Do you get a feeling that all that you’ve been doing so far has turned out to be waste? Perhaps, it’s time to change the perspective.

Imagine this. You are driving on a highway, passing various landmarks thinking you’d visit them some day. Suddenly you hear an orchestra of cars, buses and trucks trying to honk their way out of the traffic jam. You are just a few hundred metres from joining the league of people who have been unfortunate no to put their cars in reverse at the right time. Well, it’s your turn to decide. Will you move ahead and add to the symphony of honking people or will you turn around and try another road?


Sometimes, you make wrong choices, take the wrong road. At some point on that way, you slam the brake and say, “Oh no! I think the other path would have been better for me.” When this realization dawns upon you, you ask yourself- “Is it too late?”. Some would say that we have come so far away that backing out and starting from scratch wouldn’t be easy. But mate, i think somebody should have told you, that life was never meant to be easy, the moment you made your parents cry with joy by letting them feel the wonders this life could give anyone!

So, if you ever feel that you made a mistake by choosing something that isn’t your cup of tea, just make a move, turn around and drive towards your real destination. I know what you will say now. What if you don’t recognize that destination! Well…people think that the moment they see a person, they’ll know that he or she is the right one or if they read about some interesting profession they’ll know that they want to take it up. It is never that way. These things take time.

A valuable piece of information- just follow the rainbow of happiness and  you’ll find the place where your dreams lie!

Till then….keep driving around. ;)

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