Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes you have to walk so far to reach the finish line. Those who have a companion are the luckiest. Those who don't, hold on to some memories they made with their loved ones. But some complain that they have never been blessed with such love. They say that they are alone.

          Luckily, I have some really awesome memories and great friends who add so many vibrant episodes to my life. Despite these blessings, one tends to get entangled in webs of insecurities. You see no light and question your trust upon others. Mind says that you have to walk alone on this path but your heart wishes it had someone to walk along with. But it's okay. There are times in life when you must learn to trust yourself. Hold the torch in your hand and find the way. The only things that accompany you on that journey are your heart and mind. They are separate yet synchronized. You hear their wisdom. But you are unable to comprehend which one is superior. It takes time but you must learn how you can hear them together as one. The day their voices become one will be the one granting you eternal happiness. I'm on the road to make them one and then a day will come when I'll say- I MADE IT! :)


shruti said...

mansi,,,i hv 2 tel u dat, its absolutly awesum n so so true!!!!gr8 work gal,,,,keep goin!!!!!!!


@shruti: thnx buddy...ur appreciation keeps me going!!

babbal said...

Very Nice :) I agree !! Best line was "Mind says that you have to walk alone on this path but your heart wishes it had someone to walk along with."

Keep doing this good work..I always believe emotions are the only thing which makes human different from other creatures in this Universe..and these things keep on reminding us that we are human and we are emotional :)


@babbal thnx a lot for ur are absolutely right. only our emotions make us different from others. emotions definitely keep us going, help us to fight against all odds and survive!! :)