Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knowing myself

They say you learn some important lessons,

when you consider,

even the smallest thing to bear significance.

As I ink these words here,

the world changes.

As I sit here wondering which way I should go,

a path is laid for me to walk on.

As I examine my tryst with my worth,

I get to know who I am.

For I am a being who has no name yet,

but a burning desire to know,

what part I have to play in this theatre of life

For I do not know,

what future holds for me.

I walk in the shadows of light,

believing that someday the rays of sun will greet me.

Happiness, belief and will aid me.

My steps governed by them,

restraining me from faltering.

This day, emotions flow out of me like light,

reaching every corner of the room called world,

from the candle that is my heart.

For I know one thing that my love for words,

And the ability to appreciate their beauty

Will keep the flame alive in me.

The destiny is being spun,

Where will it take me?

I do not know.

Surely, it will be a good journey.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

some scales tell tales......

What is music? For some it is scales and instruments…for some it is a way to reach the oblivion…for some it is a way to escape to a different world…for some it is a way to find the one they call almighty…for some it is a way to find themselves. But for me it’s something else…a medium to express my deepest feelings…the feelings that are untouched…happiness…sadness…anxiety…love…comfort…pain…a way to know who I am.