Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Fall and Rise

Marked and scarred for eternal sacrifice
Yet happiness is laboured as perfect disguise
The scent of dreams infused in life
Coronated by apathy, a walk towards demise
Prosecuted in marshlands, the lights die

Somehow the fire in water survives
Annhilating disgrace and crossing swords with time
The pretenses, the wait on the edge of rise
Calmly they fall, meeting their end in mirror of skies
The dreams live on, enduring every vice!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Black, Red and White

There is red in the streets,
the incessant haze damaging your vision.
Catacombs of identity.
love and riches' collision.

The hired words of Satan
pierce the halo of the guardian angel.
The waters have gone calm
no ripples, no call of danger.

The burdened back, the obscuring tears
swirl along with the black river.
A ghost is left guarding your soul
which fades away as the moment comes nearer.

Laid beneath the debri
of honour that we pride ourselves on.
Black and white we witness while earth revolves
reining insanity which runs amok.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The wind like an enchantress
weaves magic in her hair.
The heavy steps she takes
crossing the line between rough and fair.

Unconditional love she carries in her heart
whilst towards lies she is beckoned.
Will her man rise to claim her?
With whose memories her heart is adorned.

No gain, no loss, infinite longing
and a bridge old and rotten.
Yet she yearns to be fooled again
by that face never forgotten.

The lilies bloom, brightened by her gaze.
The birds break into a song.
Drowning in misery and reveling in love
her heart and soul are where they belong.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pyre of Hope

Blinded by the waging war
Times of compassion forgotten and wasted
It's your burden, it's your call
You crawl on knees through marshes of hatred

The clouds are over your eyes now
Your friends and foes going down
And somewhere in your heart, you feel

The cries of innocence won't win you a dime
The fury on loose will just burn you down
Wash your wounds in the calm waters
Just cry and put that fire out

Hollowed is your grieving heart
You don't know what you've lost and found
So many questions you couldn't ask
The truth, smoked, instilling all the doubts

Your side has won, I wonder how?
You've gained just blames and frowns
And somewhere in your heart, you feel

The cries of innocence won't win you a dime
The fury on loose will just burn you down
Wash your wounds in the calm waters
Just cry and put that fire out 


Monday, April 9, 2012


The toll of the bell,
the streets filled with musty air.
With clang, the heavy iron gates fell
and an owl hooted somewhere.

Cloaked under the darkest night,
the hooded figures ride forth.
Their shadow rein the mind in flight,
the dreams of children, women and men.

A bony hand opens the door,
the only wall between good and evil.
No one saw the sun soar.
It crawled in and blinded everyone.

The screams of evil pierced the silence.
They were sublimated by the golden orb.
The slumber, defeated, jumped over the fence
as the people of the sane world rose.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The curse of ambiguity

A fountain of unexpressed love
Bathing the melancholy heart
The leaves fall off the trees
Taking down the desires to ground
A walk in the beautiful meadow
The escapes to the neverland

If night doesn’t bring the stars
Will the wait be worth anything?
Or perhaps the morning sun
is a better chariot to saneness
The right to forget is weakly denied
like memories written in sand

The seagulls call to the forlorn lover
bringing the word of the distanced
Pity is not what they deserve
but chances to be brought together
Engraved in mind are those words
whispered while holding hands

The tale not always ends happily ever after
Undesirable questions creep into life
A part of you is always left behind
Pondering upon the other road
And the roar in the back of your mind
Was your love so scant?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Darkest Night

Sometimes in tranquility,
I try to find myself
But then noise is pondered upon.
For silence perished many,
Their thoughts were always bound.
Revive the desires of heart
'cause voice is the only buoy.