Friday, July 16, 2010

The disadvantages of being an avid dreamer

Ummm...What I am going to throw before you is a disease inflicting dice...I don't know whether this disease is contagious or not... So, I would like to give you a suggestion! Read at your own risk...
       Have you ever got up in the morning and felt like you have left a part of you behind...behind in the other world...the world you visit every night...the world that neglects reality! I am brushed with this feeling every morning. As soon as I open my eyes...a disorientation follows. Like I'm stuck between two worlds!
      While the warmth of the sun's rays plays hide and seek in my room, I try to re-establish the severed connection with the conscious world. Galloping on the borders of the consciousness are the various dreams that took shelter in my mind. Then, the wall between the two worlds breaks and they reach across, showing me vivid images of the plots hatched. Often, they are not pleasant.
        Sometimes, I feels as if someone has hurled a brick at my face. A voice inside my head says,"Please get down now. The roller coaster ride ends here!" And believe me, it's not at all pleasant when you are run over by recollection of the dream you saw last night. If the signal is clear, I'm able to see each and every minute detail. If not, then I'm only able to catch few scenes. This disease of watching inexplicable and horrendous dreams is swelling up inside my mind. Very unpleasant. The after-effects include fear, confusion, worry and recollection of every horrible thing you ever saw.
         Now, that you have read this, I'm not sure how you will fare tonight. I have no idea if the demon of dreams will hunt you down or not. Stay safe.

P.S. Don't mind but I take my dreams too seriously!
P.P.S. For all those who get scared easily- don't take it to the heart people ;)

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