Saturday, May 15, 2010


Waking up at 6.30 in the morning is a really forbidden job for a lazy 19 year old like me. And it can get a bit cranky if you are taking driving lessons just half an hour later.
           So, fascinatingly I managed to open my eyes at the break of the dawn and reset my alarm for ensuring another 15 minutes of sleep, which was hindered by the wake up call of a normal life's affairs. Dragging myself across my bedroom with glances at my siblings nestled in the embracing bed sheet, I, somehow managed to reach the bathroom. Then began the captivating ride.
           When you get into a car, a sense of euphoria whirls around you. A sense of attaining the seat of power in a one man show. And then its showtime. Maneuvering my way on the potholed roads of my metropolitan city, I realize how hard it can be not to hit someone and simultaneously keep your heartbeat in check! But all the cons seem meek when you consider the greener side of the grass. A car is not just a system of mechanical mumbo-jumbo held together by screws and bolts. It is much more than that. You would realize it's significance if you had to travel on feet in the blistering Delhi heat. Nothing can beat the air conditioned heaven especially when it's a big monster with every one drooling over it.
         But, it's just the beginning and I am only allowed to tame the dog, not the bull. Never mind, things will get better. Contrary to the belief of my very good friend, Souvik Sensharma, a car is comparable to the goddess Venus. In his words, a car is a just a "four-wheeled thing". I contradict. Have you noticed the change in the air when a  supreme beast of the road speeds past you? It's not just a "four-wheeled thing". It's much more. But some people would never understand.
        From the cute looking and comfortable Volkswagen Beetle to the luxurious Maybach, each car spellbounds in a peculiar way. That's why I become starstruck or rather carstruck whenever I see a good ride! And now it's time to get out of the car-land as my mom needs me, apparently for some house chore. :)

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