Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lines are breached…Apathy is the new religion…Death of hope…
It’s our own doing! Yet, after learning millions of lessons, we don’t back out. Perhaps, we are too complacent. Giving up a life of tyranny on our inner voice just doesn’t seem as the right thing to be done. We are so in-sync with the self-demolition brigade because we think that our achievements are really flattering even though they spell doom! Innovation, development, a raised standard of life. At what cost are we availing these? Have you ever pondered, how ironical it seems that somewhere some people talk about restoring harmony in the world and at that very instant, plots of killings are being hatched?

Where did we, the supreme beings of this planet, go wrong? Was it too much exploitation of our sanity or frequent attacks on humanity? Well, these questions holds no importance now. All that matters is the fact that our world is crumbling. Going to pieces with every passing moment. So what do we do about that? How do we achieve atonement? How do we bring back into the picture- the unwavering faith, the holy love?
Our best shot is to change. To paint ourselves with colours of trust, love and peace. With realization comes a serenity which drives the will to corner our shortcomings and sabotage our misgivings! We have to shed the devilry. We have to use our best resources for sustaining the future. It’s time.
Note: Ecdysis means shedding of old skin. This piece of writing was inspired by the recent suicide blast in Moscow and various terrorist activities in the past. It represents the anguish of an ordinary person, who is affected by terrorism, corruption, poverty and helplessness burning the people of our world!

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Foodie said...

really impressed by your thoughts.
I think the same way as you.