Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your wish is NOT my command!

Expectations,  the savage demands imposed on each one of us
Expectations to be met,  expectations to be hushed.

Some expect me to be a conformist
But I don't wish to be
Because rules never made much sense to me.

Some expect me to be a master of all trades
But I cannot be
Because I never really sought perfection, knowing that the best people always keep learning.

Some expect me to be the diamond in the rough
But I would rather be breakable
Because I know being ordinary is not an anomaly.

Some expect me to not to fail
But I do not agree
Because failure is overrated and all days are not the same.

Some expect me to find my spot on the map
But I throw that crumpled up ball of directions right in their face
Because being lost always means there is a way to be found.

Some expect me not to scream out my passions atop yet to be built thrones
But I ask them to show me the line between confidence and overconfidence
Because being zealous and optimistic is not a crime.

Some expect me to be the white porcelain girl
But I don't want to be a blank canvas
Because there are a million colours within this heart,  waiting to explode and painting the world with breathtaking hues.

Some expect me to hide my scars
But I refuse to accept a make - up of distortions
Because scars are a mirror of all the battles you have survived.

Some expect me to have a beautiful face
But I choose to wash off what is on the outside
Because a rotten soul is not worthy of being adored.

Some expect me to be a supermodel
But I don't want to be shackled by the so called acceptable body images
Because a body that will wither away with time should not define anybody's attractiveness.

Some expect me to be silent
But I say - Brace yourself!
Because the music emanating from this heart is so loud, it will shatter all the delusions.

Some expect me to trust them
But how can I?
Because the sweaty palms of their weak hands that are holding mine, keep slipping away and so does that trust.

Some expect me to make them happy
But I don't wish to do that at the cost of my esteem
Because happiness attained is sometimes, someone's happiness murdered.

Some expect me to be non-expectant
But how is that fair?
Because desires don't sleep on imagined beds.

So, I expect the world to except me.
But on a second thought, please don't bother
Because some opinions don't matter and your wish is not my command!


Tarun Gautam said...

Beautiful. Talented girl.
U know there is an author who said " Writing is to sit with a typewriter and bleed" you did the same .

Mansi Kwatra said...

@tarun: Thank you so much! :D
I think I know that author ;)