Thursday, January 15, 2009


It certainly takes a holding strength to place your belief in something. Some believe in god and some believe in devil. But i believe in something that is somewhere on the middle line....something that can be called and is nevertheless called our mind. Our mind is god if you wish it to be and it can be devil if you let go of it. SOMEWHERE deep hidden beneath the layers of memories, guilt, illusion and happiness is the place that makes us believe that someday everything will be perfect...that someday everything we love and wish for will be within our reach...if it helps us believe then why not believe in it altogether. I, a normally complacent human, do not believe in god or devil...because i believe in myself.......a belief that is stronger than the silk a spider spins...a belief that is harder than the biggest diamond. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT WILL TAKE ME PLACES. In a world where people need a book to dictate their actions, in a country that survives on it's religious commitments...i have broken the bond...not to wander astray but find the real me........

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