Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's a peculiar feeling and it doesn't go away. They beckon to me. They wish to show me the FUTURE. What do I do? Shall I take a look? Remain in the shadows or come into the light. Sitting here, I wonder, where will I be taken? Which road will I follow? My heart says that I'll reach my destination if I take that road...the road destined for me... the road which will let me be someone I've always wanted to be. But my brain barricades my way and tells me I'll have to traverse two oceans together-one of my dreams and the other that will secure me. It's not easy to take two paths in life, but I take them as they come. I hope that the void between them will disappear. I'll have to wait, after all life is a labyrinth.

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divsi said...

lovely...wish that void fills up forever...:)